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5 Main Themes Of San Diego Metropolitan Geography

San Diego Metropolitan Reflections Essay

Author Kimmy Nelson

Spring 2014 Geog 200 D02


The Five Main Themes of geography of San Diego and her suburban city of La Mesa

1.      Location –Latitude and Longitude   

2.       Place –What is it like there 

3.       Movement –People, Ideas, Goods moving from one place to another  

4.       Region—A Group Of Places that have any human or physical characteristics in common 

5. Human Environmental Interaction—Humans Adapt To Environment or Effect The Environment

  Five Themes Of Geography For San Diego and Her Suburban City of La Mesa

San Diego Metropolitan Area
The port of San Diego, CA.  is home to our navy is Latitude, 32°44’8” North and Longitude, 117°10’36” West.   The Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium which has it’s own Trolley exit called “Qualcomm Stadium” headquartered in Chargers Park.  San Diego, CA. is in the South--Western Hemisphere of The United States of America.  San Diego is a border city as it is on the Northern border of Mexico on the West Coast in America.  La Mesa, CA. is only a ten miles North East of San Diego, CA.

Southern California
San Diego and her suburb city of La Mesa, CA. are some of the finest areas that Southern California has to offer.  San Diego is the home of the National Football Team the San Diego Chargers. San Diego is also home to the United States Navy since 1918 with 54 ships and 13 piers.  The Chargers moved to San Diego in 1961 and in 1970 they had the AFL-NFL merger after winning the AFC four times. 
Distribution and Mobility
We have the best public transportation system that anyone could ever hope for with the Metropolitan Transit System of buses, trains and trolleys that are all connected at many different locations and times throughout the regions of San Diego and her suburban areas.  There are also boats and shipping vessels all along the bay and port areas along the coastal shores and waterways.  There is also a ferry that will carry your vehicle across the water.  San Diego has a huge airport where many people fly to as it is the main airport South of Los Angeles, CA.  Pedestrians and bikers travel along the sidewalks and roads throughout San Diego and La Mesa too.
Culture & Surroundings

In 2012 the statistics from the San Diego County Census Bureau reported that the White population to be 76.6% and that the black or African American population to be 5.6% while the Native American Indian were only 1.3% in population. The Asian population was 11.6% of the population and Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders were only .06% of the population. 

Two or more races present in the households were 4.2%. Hispanic was 32.7% in population and the White alone not Hispanic or Latino were 47.6% in population. While 49.7% are female in gender, less than 6.7% are children under five years old and less than 23% are teenagers under eighteen years of age.
And 12% are 65 years of age or older male or females living in San Diego County. 83% have lived in the same house for over one year 2008-2012. 23.2% are foreign born persons 2008-2012 and 37.1% use another language where they reside other than English 2008-2012. 

85.4% are High School Graduates 2008-2012, 34% have a Bachelor's Degree between 2008-2012 and over 230, 000 Veterans between 2008 and 2012. 54.5% home ownership 2008-2012 and approximately $30, 683.00 per capita in the past twelve months 2008-2012. 

As you can see we are a very diverse culture with a lot to offer. And as one of the world’s top twelve highest earning agriculture environments is all the more reason why it is a very important global region.
And even with the statistics previously mentioned there are still 13.9% of our population that are listed as below poverty income between 2008 and 2012. In 2008 the city of San Diego was reported to be one of the top ten safest cities with populations over 100,000 persons. In 2010 the city of San Diego was listed as one of the top ten highest crime and unsafe cities with populations over 100,000 persons. 

This could be attributed to the drug war crossing over into America from Mexico. I believe that our local government is as much responsible for our border security as the Federal government because no one cares about their own neighborhood as much as the person who lives there. 

The Federal government in large does not have to deal with having their purse stole, their identity stole or a violent gang member who is lawless. Nor do they have to worry about the gang member who watches to see when you leave your home so that they can illegally enter at their own liberty. 

We have a rich military history here in San Diego with the navy using our ports as home base. And the military have a wonderful community nearby the ports where they have their own little close knit communities of mothers and children and wives or spouses of our United States Military.
The climate here is somewhat tropical throughout Southern California so it is lush with green shrubs, ivy, and beautiful flowers scattered throughout like a tapestry landscape in between the buildings and the highways.  There are also lots of avocado farms, orange groves, almond trees, and grape vines where large quantities of fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested annually as San Diego is home to the twelfth largest crop producing area in our state.  The entire Region South of Los Angeles share the same climate and temperature on a daily basis.  There are occasional winds and sometimes there are droughts.   We have occasional earthquakes throughout the entire region of California but it is our climate that separates us from the rest of the state.  As San Diego has perfect temperatures all year round that is suitable for human life and sustainability.  
Human Environmental Interactions
Transportation and Architecture
Fishing boats, fisheries and lots of seafood restaurants that are connected to the seafood industry have had quite an impact on the sea life environment.  The freeways, interstates, railroad tracks and buildings in mass numbers in this dense population have also had a great effect on the environment making everything much more accessible. 

Earth’s Dynamics
The earthquake prone tectonic plates, the fire prone mountains and forests along with the mudslide prone hills in the San Diego area have also had an effect on the way that people build businesses and homes and even the way that insurance is sold or distributed because they must take in considerations those likely scenarios before they can build or issue an insurance policy.  
Green House Gas Emissions 
The green house gases and ocean pollution have now caught the attention of the world as to how vitally important the coral reefs are to human survival so that there are now some efforts to clean up the mess that we’ve made.  Just off the coast of San Diego there is a Plastic Vortex floating that is the size of two states of Texas where plastic hovers above the oceans surface on the waves and even beneath the surface a few feet deep.  It is disposed garbage that somehow found its way to the ocean and has polluted and killed much of the ocean life.  Some are working on solutions how to clean it up and prevent it from happening again.


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