Saturday, May 31, 2014

Help Prevent The Spread of MRSA, Colds & Flu

Help prevent the spread of MRSA virus by chewing "TRIDENT" gum because it has Zylitol in it. Or buy 2 pounds of Zylitol from Swanson Vitamins or any other merchant and sweeten your daily tea or coffee with it.

You can even put it in a smoothie. It looks, tastes, and feels just like sugar only it has 1/3 of the calories. It repels germs from the mouth, nose, sinus' & upper respiratory. Please share with your family and friends by reposting. You can also take B Complex with Kelp to help prevent colds and virus'.

Zinc and Vit. K will build up your immune system.  And Rhodiola combats stress just like Ginseng does.  Echinachea is great to take to prevent colds and flu and it helps shorten the time of the cold or flu once you have already got one.  Thank you!

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