Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Authentic Living Word Of God

The Word Of God is authentically authored by God for many reasons but the most important one to me is that everytime I open the word of God it speaks life to me, it specifically addresses the problem or question that I am seeking the Lord about.  This would be argument number four of Dr. Elmer Towns "Ten Arguments For The Word Of God"   
However that is just one of my personal favorites.  I also like Argument number one which is  "The Unique Revelation Of Jesus Christ" because this personally may mean something more to me than it does for the next person.   
But I know for sure that it was Christ revealing Him self to me as "being alive today" in the day when HE was wooing me unto HIM it was the entire reason that HE was able to reel my heart in.  HIS sweet words in the new testament drew me closer about 6 months after I had experienced the "Born Again" event.  But it was HIS undeniable reality of HIS presence in my life that made me fall head over heels in love with HIM.  
That is why Dr. Towns is right to ask "If man invented Christ then why didn't man create another?"  Or in other words why didn't man "clone" Jesus?  That is because just like all of God's creation are unique and irreplaceable.  Most especially HIS only begotten SON the only savior of the world, the only one perfect enough to take away the sins of the world, the only one with spotless and sinless blood could redeem mankind for father God.    
My second choice for one of Dr. Town's arguments that I will choose is argument number eight:  "The Honesty Of The Bible"  This is so comforting to me because though I've lived faithfully and dedicated to the Lord uncompromisingly since 2000 without returning to my former long lifestyle of sin coming from a very paganistic and heathenistic back ground and I didn't come to Jesus until age 28 yet it was five years later before HE purged the world's way of doing things it has not stopped the world from wanting to stone me or throw up my past in my face day in and day out with their Christian persecution.   
It is another anchor to my soul knowing that Moses was a murderer, Noah was a drunk, Abraham lied about his wife, Eli didn't discipline his unruly sons, King David (this is my favorite one because he had a heart after God's own heart and I know God was mightily with him) committed adultery.   
Though my sins are long gone the world still accuses me, hates me and would love to stone me.   And sometimes, their rocks hit me so hard (in the spirit) that I have to convince myself that Jesus loves me and accepts me and that Satan is using them to do his work in attacking me.  Then I don't feel so condemned anymore.  I like Paul was the chiefest of all sinners at one time... but that was over a decade ago.  I have uncompromisingly walked with the Lord through circumstances most would have given up on their faith and said that God didn't keep HIS promises.  But like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo... my anchor still holds!

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