Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drug Use In Our Society

Reasons for Drug Use in Our Society

When alcohol, drug use or cigarettes are used in the home of a child it kind of gives the wrong signal to the child telling them that this is an acceptable lifestyle. Later, when biological addictions become apparent the damage is already done to both the user and the easily influenced child. When the child grows up it is likely that the child will model after their parents unless there is some form of divine intervention.

If that child grows up and becomes a Christian that child will have tools to resist the lifestyle that was so dominating in the child’s youth. That person will then learn and know that you don’t have to turn to alcohol or drugs to escape reality but they will know that they can turn to Jesus with any needs or concerns that they face in life. They will know that they can cast their burdens upon the Lord and HE will carry all the burdens for them. They will know that they are not to worry but to pray about everything so the need or tendency to use drugs or alcohol is diminished.

‘ Our society does play a large role in the use of drugs in America. Many drugs are chemically addicting like alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, and heroin. Pot is not biologically addicting but it is psychologically addicting. Cigarettes, alcohol and pot would be entirely more sociologically addicting in my opinion but that is not the theory that many in the field of study of behaviors are holding. To me, the more sociably acceptable a drug is (i.e.: cigarettes, pot or alcohol were all acceptable in the community where I grew up in the eighties) the more potentially addicting it would be. Cocaine was not as sociably accepted, neither was heroin.

The temperance model of addictions says that to be around a substance is all that is necessary to become a potential addict. The good that may come out of legalizing an illicit drug that is so widely used and medicinally acceptable like Pot is for potential tax gains that could come from taxing the sale of pot. The bad that would come out of legalizing pot or any other illicit drug is we would have a large society that would be using a drug that would make them less useful to be productive citizens and possibly crime could increase, or risky sexual behaviors could increase.

I agree that the sociological theory is the main reason why people abuse drugs. I also agree that social media in advertisement, tv and movies glamorize drugs and alcohol too much without showing the true ugly side effects of drugs and alcohol. I also think that there is not enough emphasis on spiritual healing of drug abuse. The Lord can bring deliverance. I am not going to say that it is easy or that it is soon coming because I know all too well that it took me over five years to be set free after I had become born again even though I cried out to God for deliverance every single day. It took me fifteen years to finally be delivered from cigarettes even though I begged God for deliverance every single day, went to church faithfully, volunteered in the church on a weekly basis, and gave tithes and offerings to the church on a regular basis. None of that was enough to be delivered from the every so wickedly addicting cigarette.
But God finally gave me a way of escape through the nicotine lozenges and the patch. I stayed on them for over a year and then I went to peppermints. That was in 2007 and I still have to keep a peppermint and or gum in my mouth every waking moment of each day. I will not go into the health complications that were caused by me quitting and subsequently getting addicted to peppermints and gum but it was not without other ramifications. The spiritual side of deliverance needs to be displayed as much as they glorify the sin of drug abuse.

Medicinal reasons are the only reasons that one should take drugs. Any thing that the body comes in contact with has to be filtered. Once the body comes in contact with too many toxins the body shuts down, develops cancer and breaks. Some people take drugs to get high, or to escape the pressures of reality. When someone truly has the Lord they do not have to turn to drugs to escape any pressure because they can turn to the Lord and HE delivers HIS people from all their troubles. It is illegal to sell or give away prescription drugs or street drugs. The only people who can administer drugs are licensed physicians or nurses and those in the same medical field of health. They must be licensed health administrators to administer drugs of any kind.
Even with acupuncture or Chiropractic care, massage therapy, any of those type of none invasive types of medicine they still must be licensed to administer any kind of treatment. Drugs are very addicting. Even after I was born again it took me five years to change my lifestyle from one that did what everyone else did to one that honored the Lord. It still took me over fifteen years after I was saved to quit cigarettes even though I cried out and prayed to the Lord on a daily basis for deliverance from all of those bad lifestyles.

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