Saturday, August 16, 2014

NO Way Hosea By Kimi Gerred

No Way Hosea
By Kimi Gerred also Known as Kimmy Nelson

God gave me a revelation in the late 2004 about compromise. He showed me when we compromise we lose any ground that we had gained.

But when we refuse to compromise the enemy loses all enemy held territory and he has to forfeit it to us when he comes to us with our greatest temptation at our weakest point and he tempts us with it but we refuse to bow. NO matter how desperate Satan makes you feel.

He may tell you that you will lose everything if you don't compromise on just this one thing this one time. But if you take his baited breath lies as your truth then he wins. Satan is the father of all lies.

He will try to come at you when you are the weakest and then he will try to hit you the hardest. I promise if you stand your ground for God, you will end up with all of the devil's good.

You will go into the enemies camp and spoil their goods. You will leave with all the loot! But if you compromise then you have to give Satan all the ground that you had gained.

Don't Do It!


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