Saturday, August 9, 2014

Josie's Story

Who is this? ~ Mesmerized by Josie's birth father at a very young and naive age only to be jerked from his arms as a toddler then lead into a home where Josie would be rejected by the new dad, the new head of the household, the new man in Josie's mother's life from the very onset of their relationship and all throughout the rest of Josie's life.

After living under this umbrella of the head of household who rejected Josie's in front of all Josie's siblings and most importantly rejected by the head of household in front of Josie's beloved mother.... Josie grew up to learn quickly that the world was Josie's friend, Josie's canvas that Josie could create Josie's own world in. Josie was very good at worldly connections, worldly values, and Josie was very accepted by the world around Josie in the big circle of life. Later, in Josie's late twenties Josie got saved, Josie gave Josie's life to Jesus and changed everything about Josie's life.

Josie disconnected from the world and clung to Jesus. Josie learned that all of the talent that Josie had learned while romancing the world Josie could use as a way to bring people to Jesus. The world became Josie's pulpit and Josie learned to be a witness in the little events in life.

Jesus became Josie's family and the only love that he needed. Josie finally found the love that Josie had searched for from the time Josie was a toddler. Josie found that love in Christ Jesus.

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