Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Compromise

A few very blessed people know that I will NOT compromise though some people think I can be bought with money or gifts.

I know what it is like to drink a fifth of vodka every night and all that goes along with that party lifestyle. I also know what it is like to drink a twelve pack of beer every night and then do all the partying and sex that goes along with it.

Don't believe me? I know... nobody could ever imagine that I was ever like that but It was the truth! God set me free over 15 years ago!

I prayed and prayed and begged God daily, many times a day for HIM to deliver me from my vices and I had many and I do mean MANY!!! I went to the church alter, had the pastor anoint me and pray over me many, many times. Once even the pastor's wife told me to go on a fast and drink lemon water to get delivered off of cigarettes.

Deliverance never came for years and years. I had to live with my past sins like a monkey on my back for five (5) years before God finally delivered me in June 1995 and ripped that monkey off my back. I don't want to see that monkey ever again as long as I live!!!

I still prayed everyday, many times and finally, I knew if I smoked one more cigarette that It would kill me. I quit in June 2007! It was tough! It was real tough! But I used the patch for a year, then I used the lozenges for a year. It worked! I still chew gum and eat candy just about 24 hours a day but I am free from nicotine!

For some reason June seems to be my miracle month for Deliverance!

Yes, sometimes I get tempted as every man does. But I have purposed in my heart (after God delivered me from all of that) to make sure that I don't start back doing that ever again. I was tempted really hard even two days ago.. to jump off the wagon so to speak.

But I intentionally asked Brother Jesse Duplantis and Aquilla Nash Ministries for prayer concerning that. After I sowed a seed (a financial offering donation into one of the ministries that support me with prayer) for God to protect me from falling back into my old lifestyle.

One of the keys to deliverance is that you cannot go around the things that tempt you. The bible says it like this "But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires." Romans 13:14 So this is why I cannot go around anyone who drinks alcohol or someone I am very romantically attracted to ... because as sure as I do... If I am close to that person... It could cause me to fall. Please don't hold my weakness against me.

Thank you!

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