Monday, October 27, 2014

Only Medical Staff Should Travel To & Fro Ebola Affected Areas

With my Health and Science educational background, and with current information from medical doctors who have been treating Ebola affected areas.... I do believe that the only ones that should be allowed in or out of the Ebola affected areas should be medical doctors and staff that are going there to treat the Ebola Epidemic.

And that they should require a mandatory 21 day isolation to be worked in their trip upon their desire to return to America. The doctors and medical staff must be able to travel back and forth because that truly is the only way to protect America from Ebola.

All of our cocoa, much of our tea, and many other African products comes from Africa. It is in America's best interest to help end the plaque of Ebola. Just free 21 more days of your schedule to insure the safety of other Americans.

If you cannot do that then you do not need to be going over to Africa to treat Ebola! IMO! Ebola, Travel Ban, #ebola #TravelBan

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