Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 A Phenomenal Year

2014 has been the most amazing and wonderful year and I cannot thank God enough for the miracles that came about in just one year! I am only six classes from a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies in Science & Arts. I returned to school on Jan. 13th, 2014.
I have a 3.20 GPA I got a "B" in Biology, a "B" in Drugs and Society, a "B" in Human Geography, an "A" in Apologetics and an "A" in Theology. I'm in Health 330 (an upper level class) right now and I have an "A" And I am so thankful for all that I've learned, for the experience and the
greatest teachers in the world. I've also written 5 new books (find them all on Amazon and Google Books) this year.
<BR><BR> My favorite is "Natural Cures For Depression"
and "Culture Change or here on Google books . Two very powerful Christian books~ <BR><BR>
God also blessed me with a beautiful new apartment in June 2014, And a 20 year family reunion in July with family (my siblings, one nephew and my youngest daughter) who all came from all over the nation, HE also gave me a miracle brand new car in July.<BR><BR>
I think it is the most amazing year I've ever lived in my life! Although 2010 was awesome too getting to move to California, 2011 even got better when my youngest two children found me on the internet (Facebook) after 14 years of not knowing where they were. And 2012 I got to spend Christmas with my son and see him for the first time since 1997.<BR> <BR>
To God be all the glory for the things HE has done in 2014!<BR>
Thank you~<BR><BR>

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