Monday, December 8, 2014

CaseStudy Reply For Underweight Marathon Runner

Underweight Marathon Runner who's BMI is 18, she is fatigued and not getting enough sleep.

For this underweight Marathon runner Female case study it was fairly thorough.  I like the way that her fatigue was addressed.  And the recommendation for her not to continue to run in marathons at this time until her weight and health improve.  It is also good that she will now know that she has been over training.  However, on her nutritional and calorie needs I would suggest that she drink a high calorie nutrient dense protein shake made with whole milk 40 minutes before or 20 minutes after each workout.  This way she will get the extra calories, fat and protein that she needs with each work out.  She could also have a glass of whole milk with a piece of chicken before bed and this will also increase her melatonin levels to help her get that restorative sleep that she is missing.  And it will help her to get the extra calories, fat and protein that she needs to complete her work out requirements.  

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