Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

The trip was perfect all except for the flight home from Phoenix airport to Palm Springs. That flight was delayed over 40 minutes for some strange reason. They changed gates for departure only minutes before the flight was due to depart then we had to wait for 18 more passengers for about 30 minutes. When we landed there was no attendant or electric cart to help me get from the plane to the airport in Palm Springs and I thought my shoulders and neck were going to split open from the pain.
My suggestion; Palm Springs is a golf community... they desperately need a golf cart to carry disabled people from airport to plane. An electric cart is too big, a wheel chair too embarrassing and intimidating but a golf cart will be perfect! I made it home in one piece with only my pumpkin seeds missing.
They changed the gate we were to board from in Phoenix too. I had asked my youngest son to meet me at the Phoenix airport on either of my trips because I had lay overs in Phoenix both ways. But he didn't show up at either so I could not give him his Christmas gifts.
Everything else about the trip was perfect~ Smooth flights and smooth landing. There was a bit of turbulence as we flew over Texas but that is good for the soul. Turbulence tends to draw one closer to God where we should always be~ I gave a few of my books away as we boarded in Tampa to come back to Palm Springs.
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