Saturday, January 24, 2015

End Homelessness America

I'm writing to ask that you get on board with resolving the issue of affordable housing, low income housing and to help end homelessness in our nation. I don't know how many shelters you have in your large cities or even in your state or how many homeless sleep outside in your state.

 This problem has to be solved in all these cities and in every state or the disabled population will continue to rise as homelessness causes PTSD and broken immune systems as the stress that comes from homelessness that causes the PTSD also wears down the immune system after only about five months. 

The issue of homeless in this nation has to be dealt with by individual cities, county governments, state governments and non-profit organizations. They will have to work together to press this issue financially and get these shelters and permanent housing set up not only for the children which should come first but also for the elderly and disabled and then for the homeless adults.  The non-profit organizations should be federally funded throughout the United States to solve this problem. 

Also, please see Newest stats Thank you! #PTSD California, America #homeless, end homelessness, homeless

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