Friday, February 13, 2015

Being Born Again

Once you have been born again... there is no denying it. No one can dissuade you. As I explained how it happened to me.. literally everything that I thought and knew about how to get along through life up until I was 28 (and I thought I was wiser than most) on the day I was born again I found out all I knew was completely wrong. And God turned me inside out and upside down and emptied me of all my old belief system. .... And HE began sowing the word of God into my mind and heart and I began applying it to my life. To me, that is being born again. It only happened after I went to church and raised my hands (in public) as a symbol of worship to the God of the universe... at that very moment .... something in my heart (probably pride and ego) was dethroned and HE seated HIMSELF as Lord over my life instantly. I really think that was the very essence of the moment when it happened. Why it is Imporant To Know What You Believe and Why I Believe it.

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