Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get Your Family Legacy Book To Last Forever

What Do I do?
I Research the material, edited photos, format the book content and self publish. The books can be submitted on Amazon, and Google or remain private. Find some of my books at
I love to write family books, that tell the story about the family and include photos of the family. I did one for my family but it is private or I would share it with you.
It goes back over the past 50 years and includes photos of my father's cars, my mother's furniture, my dad's business, and much more. It is a great heirloom piece that can be treasured for centuries to come.

I can write your family book whenever you are ready. Contact me at or 760-409-1560.

Create your family legacy that can be treasured for centuries with your Family Book too.

I began by SEO training, monetizing my websites through affiliate links and associate accounts with links to advertise products on my web pages that I built, later it expanded into blogs, I had my first book published in 2009.

Later, I began writing more books and self publishing them. Then I began monetizing my books with affiliate product links. Now, I publish other peoples books too.

I enjoy writing creative books for money. My favorite books to write are about families. I recently did a family legacy book for my family of my mom, dad and my six siblings and myself. My sister in law, my daughter and my nephew were in the book too because they were with us on our family reunion vacation.
It included photos from the past fifty years of my dad's old station wagon, my mom's furniture, family vacations to amusement parks throughout my childhood, my dad's business, my folks home where we lived growing up, and our recent family reunion. If you are interested in creating your family legacy book let me know.

I will publish it for the whole world to see or keep it private like I did for my family and it is still available for purchase privately of course. I publish all my own books in paperback and Kindle.

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