Monday, March 9, 2015

Natural Cures For Mental Health

It is easy to get depressed after your dream of a prince sweeping you off your feet and marrying you to take you to his palace but he ends up being a dragon beast who controls, beats and rapes you. I never knew I had depression but my marriage counselor told me I had "situational depression" in 1983. The police finally rescued me and took me and my children to a battered women's shelter in Jackson, MS. only to go on to living a life as the youngest white mother living in the ghetto's of Jackson, MS. on with less than $100.00 a month to take care of my two children. Things didn't get too much better after I left him. Then they still said the poverty and bad environment were the cause of "situational depression". I've been trying to change the poverty scene now since 1983 when the police to me to the battered women's shelter. I own my own business now and I work hard to try to beat the poverty. But when a woman has been abused her whole life by men then others think they can do it to her too. That is why I love Jesus so much. HE has never cheated me, stole anything from me, HE has never bullied me around, HE has never tricked me or extorted lands, money or my children from me. HE promises HE will avenge me. Hallelujah! HE is a great defender and advocate. Though HE tarry, wait for HIM, because HE never fails! HE is my joy, HE is my peace, HE is my counselor, My comforter, My consolation!!! Get my new book "Natural Cures For Depression" here

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