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Church Services "LIVE" Here Weekly

Lets Have Church!

Every Place Whereon The Soles Of My Feet Shall Tread Shall Be Mine! Deut. 11:24

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Go to church at my college here ... choose any speaker you want at Liberty Church Online

Here is brother Jesse Duplantis' live services from his beautiful church in New Orleans

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Okay, Apostle G. Maldonado had a great message today on "ORDER" and I loved it.  Find his Miami, Florida Church here at King Jesus International Ministry.

I watched "Answers With Bayless Conley" this morning on as they just began a new series on answered prayer.   Or his church services at Cotton Wood

Here is one I just found on facebook called  "CenterPoint" in Mississippi

Here is my newest addition to our "Let's Have Church" family with Dr. Mike Murdock and all his good teachers over there at the "Wisdom Center" In Texas!

Here is my home town pastor Randy Brodhagen at Glory To God Church in my beloved Palm Springs, CA.

This one is called "The Journey" Church and they are not "Live" but I am hoping that one day they will start letting the live services go online.  I have been there in person and it is an awesome church.  Watch their archived programs right here.  

And here is another one that just has podcasts for now but they are a nice group of young and energetic people over there who love the Lord at in Carlsbad, CA.

The first Sunday of May I was blessed to find this wonderful Christian radio station KRDU1130AM Central California Christian Talk with "LIVE" church services on it.  They were really busy trying to rally up support and funds to rescue the recent tornado victims in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama.  The bible text they used for reference was from  2 Corinthians 8 about the Macedonians generosity.  The service I listened to was a 10:30AM Pacific time on May 4th.  They mentioned Convoy Of Hope that were ministering to the tornado victims too. 

I saw an archive sermon of today's message by Pastor Paula White has an anointing of prophesy and you will enjoy her services here at New Destiny Christian Center.

Dr Mark Chironna from Orlando, FL has great prophetic words in his LIVE services.

The Rock Church is another great church of San Diego. Watch it life several times on Sunday.

I love God in this Man and I HIGHLY recommend Steve Munsey' for his Prophetic & HOLY word at Family Christian Center. He is the first one who taught me about the Passover offering. I have been honoring the Passover & the other two Holy Feasts every year since. Hallelujah! That was one of the most revelatory changes that God made in my life ever! I have seen the word of God manifested in places of my health just like Exodus 23 promises and all the other promises too!

One of the first internet live services that I went to was with my spiritual father and I HIGHLY recommend the Worlds greatest Pastor Rod Parsley at World Harvest Church. He holds live services Sunday morning at 10:AM and check his schedule for other live events. I consider Pastor Rod Parsley my spiritual father for over 22 yrs now to date of July 2012.

Pastor Ron Carpenter of Greenville, NC at RWOC Live weekly.

Hank & Brenda Kunneman From Lord of Hosts in Omaha, Nebraska at 10 AM Central Standard Time Sunday Mornings.

For all those on the other side of the world you may enjoy Joseph Prince at New Creation Church who has a huge church in Singapore. I promise you will love him regardless of your lifestyle or where you live.

I've been to Without Walls International Church in Tampa when Pastor Paula & Pastor Randy White were there and I loved it! You can see them live there weekly! On the 3rd week of June 2012 Pastor Randy White became the bishop of Without Walls International Church. So glad he is back! We don't need any famine of the word of God nor any other kind of famine!

The Revolutionary Preacher of So Cal an awesome Pastor & teacher of faith! See @PastorSergio also known as Pastor Sergio De La Mora of Cornerstone church in National City ( a suburban area of San Diego) I began watching him when I stilled lived in Mid Missouri after had Pastor Sergio on as a guest.

Have you ever been to church at the largest church in America? Or been to church with the nicest Pastor in America? Come and see Joel Osteen Lakewood live Services at 8:30 AM. And Joel is the reason that I created this website so his fathers inheritance of "top of the barrel" is still at work. And find them on Twitter at joelosteenmin.

To start you Sabbath rest off perfectly try having live services on Saturday night 4:30 & 6:30 P.M. Pacific Time. And Sunday mornings 9, 11:15 AM and 4:30, and 6:30 PM. Then with Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback. Or Find them on Twitter SOC_tweet

Danny Chambers is a great Ball of fire preacher from NASHVILLE, TN. Find the Oasis church of Nashville here.

Now there are three Friday night live services that I went to on Friday September 18, 2009 because Kim Clement (ProphetKim) on Twitter was ministering Live at an assembly in Humble, Texas.

And Christian Harfouche Ministries always has a Friday night, Sunday AM & PM, Wed. PM services too.

And sometime I still go to Keith Moore's live services in Branson.

My newest favorite Televised and internet minister (as of December 7th 2009) is Matt Sorger Ministries out of New York. He is a fireball revival preacher and my spiritual & natural life appear to be much like how he describes his own. I have seen and heard him preach and I can attest to the power of God mightily upon his life. He recently held some live services on January 8th through the 10th and He has a weekly program: Watch POWER FOR LIFE with MATT SORGER The Church Channel, Wed 11:30 pm. National Providers: DIRECTV channel 371 DISH NETWORK channel 258 SKY ANGEL channel 134 GLORYSTAR channel 115 Or Watch Matt Sorger on GOD TV ALSO ON DIRECT TV, CHANNEL 365 North America / United Kingdom Monday, 8:30 AM, EST CHICAGO CHICAGO AREA, WJYS-TV 62 Sunday, 8:00 PM CST LONG ISLAND LOCAL LONG ISLAND CABLEVISION, CHANNEL 20 Riverhead Wednesday, 10:30 PM Hauppauge Friday, 2:00AM CONNECTICUT LOCAL CT CABLEVISION, CHANNEL 88 Thursday, 7:30 PM Serving Darien, Easton, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Stamford, Westport, Weston & Wilton

I would love to visit all of the services in Person too! Also Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, Calif. has live services on Sunday morning.

Just like Saddleback services are on Pacific time so are Jubilee. So When Joel Osteen's services are over you can head on over to Rick Warren in Southern Calif. or Pastor Dick at Jubilee in San Jose in North California.

Here at the Lake of The Ozarks "Walk On Water Faith Church"at 11:30 Central there is a beautiful church that is my favorite place to see Christmas at. It is right on the Lake of the Ozarks with a prayer room inside of the wonderful lighthouse at Walk on Water Faith Church in beautiful Osage Beach, Mo. where my parents brought me every summer as a child. At Christmas Dr. Larry Ollison and his lovely wife Loretta have my friend Penny decorate the church with four foot tall toy soldiers on the third floor main church entry overlooking the atrium on the second floor. It is so pretty that I don't even know how to describe how majestic it is. Especially for a Winter wonder White Christmas that Missouri is famous for!

And I love to go to the former Jewish Temple near Orlando with Psychologist Dr. Mark Chironna on Sunday at 9AM & 11AM or Tuesday evening 7:PM

Last but certainly not least is my all time favorite place to get and keep revival. And that is none other than Trinity broadcasting Network the "Praise The Lord" Program at 9:00 PM CST Weekdays

You can also visit Christian Harfouche Ministries live internet services from the Pensacola, Florida or Jubilee Christian Center live services from San Jose, Calif. or Kim Clement has live services every Saturday night. Occasionally on Friday nights and on Sunday mornings too

Church of His Presence in Daphne, and at the Mobile Convention Center with a great man of God that I HIGHLY recommend Pastor John Kilpatrick as he comes with a prophetic voice.

And what I like to call "Spit Fire Preaching" I also enjoy listening to Bishop Eddie Long from New Birth church in GA. He also gives great words of prophetic encouragement by the spirit of the Lord.

Pastor Robert Tilton in Miami Is the pastor who taught me to tithe and to have believe!

Pastor Rich Wilkerson
is in Miami Florida and is doing much good work all over the Southern border of the U.S. in the direction of Haiti. Thank you Pastor Rich! And Pastor Rich Wilkerson has live services weekly from Miami at Trinity Church.

Here is another one that I HIGHLY recommend At Free Chapel it is Pastor Jentezen Franklin and he is also on the radio.

From Nashville: The Oasis 8:30a, 10:15a, or 12:15p on a Sunday or at the 7p Wednesday Services Nashville; 7533 Lords Chapel Dr. Nashville, TN 37211

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