Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 6th Republican Candidates Discussion

My reply to the Republican Debate Feb. 6, 2016 Saturday night. "1. Don't tell me that you think there should be a lot more millionaires while you are constantly shaking your head "No" or I will tell you like Psychoanalysts told me that it means they really don't mean what they are saying #Jeb !

2. If I didn't love Trump so much I would support #Rubio because he is such a smooth talker just like Obama was before he got elected. Obama knew all the right things to say to get people to vote for him. If only we would have known that they were all lies that we found out about just a few weeks after the election. Let that be a warning to everyone about silver tongued devils in disguise.

3. #Kasich did for Ohio's finances and employment what America needs done for her finances and employment exactly! Good job #John !

4. No more waterboarding #Trump No more violence! There is a better way! Also, we don't want a hell of a lot of anything back! God has all the right answers and they won't be done by enhanced interrogation! #Prayer #righteousness #justice leads to peace, stability and security #ReadTheBible Isaiah 17:32 .

5. Good job on the weight loss and for owning up to your states mistake by over taxing millionaires to the point that they all left (similar to what Ca. is experiencing some of now).

6. Yes, Dr. #Carson, you are right that we do not need to send more air power or do anything without or before inquiring the top leaders in military command about any strategies or possible solutions in Libya or any other delicate region surrounding that hot bed of terrorist historical activity.

7. Sorry about your sister #Cruz it is a miracle that you were able to escape all of that coming from the same back ground of your sister yet you went on to become a lawyer. We do need to shut down the drug trafficking from the illegal entry at our borders as well as all the other human trafficking, unchecked diseases that are coming across our borders and guns that are also trafficked back and forth across that border through hidden tunnels and all other sorts of illegal and criminal activity that is going on."

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