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In 2001 I was declared disabled after being ran over by a car in 1979 and almost killed in a motor cycle wreck in 1987 that left me with about nine different types of immobilizing arthritis infirmities. 

I was also a gymnast in my younger years and I developed a cyst on my left wrist early on along with bursitis in my right shoulder.   My left foot was broken in a fall when I was 12 yrs. old and I had several more re-injures to that same foot.

When I was in the fifth grade my parents drove me from Marshall, MO. to St. Louis, MO to the Shriner hospital to find out why I had horrible pain and swelling in my legs and knee.  They wanted to replace both my knees but my mother wouldn’t allow it.

I went on to marry and have four children but I suffered with excruciating back pain and other pains during my pregnancies and after they were born.  I had a very difficult time in keeping up with the duties and demands of a single mother and many times the chores just went undone.  

I had no one to help me and the doctors could not find a reason for the horrible pain that I lived with until 2004 Dr. John Huey of Tarpon Springs, Fl. found I had rotated hips.  And in 2009 Dr. Hopkins of Missouri Spine & Orthopedic of Columbia, MO. found a tumor on my spine.   So in my younger years I self medicated many times but it was not the answer and it did not solve all my problems as a poor & young single mother with horrible back and mobility challenges.

In 1995 I lost my home and my children and I was unable to get them back.  I remained homeless for about 2 years in a city where I was the minority on several accounts.  It was a city of 99% African Americans and it was the capital of the state that I lived in. 

My parents, my siblings, and I had always managed to live outside the city limits in suburbs of Jackson, MS. where there weren’t any gang activities or street crimes.

I had never even heard of crack until I had to move to the city of Jackson, MS just six weeks after I lost my home in Clinton, MS.

After they diagnosed me with permanent disability in 2001 they began trying me in physical therapy.  They would always prescribe pool therapy for me because when I was run over by the car it got me from my knee and all the way up my body to my neck and over my head.

I had seven prescriptions for physical therapy between 2001-2005.  And the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Fl. gave me a life time membership to their pool because I had so much physical therapy done there.

I would take the neighbor kids to the beach and to the YMCA with me between prescriptions and I would do my own physical therapy there.  It was the best and really the only way that I could keep myself some what mobile without excruciating pain.

In 2005, I lost my home of almost eight years in Tarpon Springs, Fl. due to some social injustices.  I remained homeless for three more years because Katrina had just happened two weeks prior to me losing my home. 

There were no homes anywhere along the Gulf Coast as people were living in churches just to find a home after Katrina had swept all the homes away in New Orleans and all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

You must keep in mind that I was from Mississippi and my oldest two children were still there.  Along with many of my family members were still living in Mississippi. 

I first moved to Branford, Fl. four hundred miles north of St. Petersburg where I didn’t know a soul from where I had been staying at a temporary transitional housing in Saint Petersburg, Florida (by the way I loved St. Petersburg, Fl.) as it was now the week of New Years 2006, it was very cold and my car had major mechanical needs.  And I was on a limited budget too.

I loved the house that I rented a room in right above the Swanee River but the lady that I rented from was as crazy as they come so I didn’t even want to stay there. 

I had a great church and a great and pastor Candace Appell Wickline of Branford Tabernacle there that I loved and a few good churches that I frequented weekly as we did not have Wednesday night services at my church. 

And I had two really good friends that went to neighboring churches. Mary went to the First Assembly of God so I would visit there sometimes. I once volunteered there when I first came to town and I helped in the lemonade stand during the church picnic and barbecue.  

And Eunice went to the Branford Church of God so I attended there every Sunday night.  Eunice Dean and I became very dear friends and I miss her still to this day.  But there weren’t any one bedrooms or studios anywhere at all in that little rinky dink town.

It was so small you could throw a rock from one end and it literally might make it to the other end of the town.  There was only one red light in the town.

So I moved to Laredo, TX and visited a missionary friend of mine named Kevin Rosendahl (find him on my facebook friends too).  I stayed with his missionary friends from Burma named Zam and John Humm.  I took care of their little 3 yr. old boy Sum while they started their new church.  And they became my very good friends.  My pastor Candace Appell Wickline told me that is what she felt I was to do and she helped me to get there. 

I stayed there with the missionaries for about four months. Spanish was the main language there and I could not speak it.  I made some very good friends there but I decided Laredo was not for me and I headed back to Jackson.

I moved into my old church where the children and I had attended for about five years.  I used to clean the church for an offering to the Lord and I always volunteered to work in the nursery since my baby boy was in there. 

So when I came back there all those years later it was no problem for them to let me move in and sleep in the Sunday School room on the 2nd floor.  I stayed in the church by myself for about a year.   I resumed helping around the church and taking care of the 3 year olds on Sunday night.

It was against my doctors orders since I was not supposed to use stairs and the only place that I could sleep as I felt more safe on the 2nd floor.  After nine months it reversed all the good that physical therapy had done to help my knees. 

I stayed with my nephew for about six weeks but we both had to tolerate his dad and that was not easy.  I learned real quick why my sister divorced him.

I just hit the road.  I had no idea where I was going but I got to the end of the highway going away from the Gulf Coast of course because there were so many evacuees living in Jackson who had just been washed out from Katrina.

It was at the end of the highway that I had to decide if I go right to Nashville or Left to Missouri.  I went left.  I stayed with a friend of a friend for a few months.  Then I went to a shelter for about six weeks.  Then I got my own place out in the country in rural Missouri. 

It was a three bedroom with a garage.  A brand new duplex.  The people living on the other side were very nice.  The nearest Walmart was at least thirty miles away in any direction. 

So I absolutely had nothing to do.  I began sewing and writing the troops. Since then I’ve written about 3000 letters and cards to the troops.  I made the troops some prayer clothes in the shape of a heart and they had the American Flag sewn on them. 

A year later in 2009 I published my first book.  The book had been written long before as I wrote the main poem when I was in college in 1995.  It was a book of poetry.  And thanks to Mr. Donald Trump I learned how to get my book published through Publish America.

While I was waiting on them to finish the publishing and releasing the book.  I began taking affiliate marketing classes.  I had began writing poetry in college and I wanted to put it on the internet.  Between me and the librarian who helped me to publish my first website in 1998 I learned a lot. 

I was trying desperately to find my youngest two children who the state of MS. had taken away from me after I lost my home.  Until then, I was always the type who would hide in the corner.  I would never allow anyone to single me out as it always embarrassed me. 

But my children meant more then the world to me.  And I would rather die a million deaths as to not have my babies back.  So I went on a grand scale mission to fight for them from the first day that they told me that they were adopting them out.

My oldest two children had been told by my lawyer that the adopted parents had to let the youngest two children visit the oldest two children on a monthly basis.  But the social worker Elsie Roark of Hinds County Department of Children and Families did not regard the law and neither did the adopted parents.

The head lady of the Department of Social Services told my pastor from Jackson Revival Center Pastor Steve Mitchell that my brother Jim Gerred could write a letter and they would tell my brother where and how my children were doing.  My brother typed the letter and sent me a copy.  But there was no reply.

At that point, I threw away the desire to remain hidden in the corner from any spot light and I went on all out mission to make sure that my children could find me if they ever went looking for me.

Incidentally, my children finally did find me two days after Christmas 2011 on Facebook.  My son came home to visit me on December 17th, 2012 and spent eight days with me. It was the greatest Christmas that I’ve had in almost forever!  I haven’t seen my youngest daughter yet.

By 2009 I had many webpages but not a one of them earned me one red cent.  And I heard that I could make money with my webpages but I didn’t know how. 

I started taking free classes on Affiliate Marketing and purchasing soft ware to monetize my websites.  I also began taking free classes from Donald Trump and anyone else I could about tax lien investing.  

I could not afford to pay for any classes or seminars so I just took a leap of faith and started buying tax liens.  I have learned a little in the past few years and in 2012 I saw my very first earnings after buying about 15 different tax liens in three states of Arizona, Colorado and Florida.  I don’t buy tax liens in Colorado anymore but I currently have some tax liens in Florida and one or two left in Arizona.

So I began my company first because of the tax lien investing and first book that was published by “Publish America” that I learned about from one of Mr. Donald Trump’s classes.

Since then, I have written four more books and self published Kindle and paperback copies of my own books and I have one CD out.

After taking all the affiliate marketing classes I have published some more stores and blogs to go along with my books. My favorite store is or

and all the pages on my stores are links to my other stores and they all have something unique to offer you.

That is how my business took off and went from one book to a company.  Then from a one book and a company to five books and about 35 monetized websites.  It was in 2013 that I called up the IRS and had the name changed from Kimi Gerred Enterprises to Affiliates Unlimited or Kimmy Nelson Enterprises. 

That is what is so great about America is that it doesn’t matter how many times you have been shot down in life.  You can always back up and start again.  There is nothing to hold you back.  You can become limitless with your ideas and abilities even when you are disabled.  Thank you for your interest! 

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