Friday, February 28, 2014

PTSD, Our Vets, Seeking Safety

People who have been beaten down by abusers change the way that they look at life. Where once, they may have viewed the world through rose colored glasses or from a naive point of view. When truth about reality hits them in the face they can see clearly now. But if they are exposed to far too much abuse, harshness or war (like our troops) their thoughts can become hardened. This is true sometimes with PTSD.

 Though they did not cause it the gruesome events of war have weighed heavy upon their minds. Our troops (especially the leaders on the front lines) may need special attention at this time. There are great classes like the ones that I was recently a part of through the "Rachel's Women Center" Of Downtown San Diego. They offer free Domestic Violence classes to educate women what Domestic Violence is and how to escape it. They also teach "Seeking Safety" which is a PTSD training that I feel our troops would greatly benefit from.

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