Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Bridge by MysteryDance

The Bridge by MysteryDance  

The Bridge

She never slows down

Keeps walking and running

Feels all alone

She fears she'll fall down.

She won't make a sound

All cramped in a corner

She fakes a broken smile

Trapped in shame

Slowly dying.

As she walked down that lonely road

She felt something strange

She didn't feel no shame no more

No sadness, no pain.

It changed her life forever

Now she happily brings

Her life before the Son of God

Joyfully she sings..

                                               "Glory, Glory! Hallelujah.

                                             I stand, humbled and amazed

                                                          Lovely, lovely!

                                                        Our Abba Father.

                                             May Your Name be praised!"

Now she's risen from the ground

Her head held high

No longer does her past

Haunt her life

It's the bridge

T'changed her life.

Her face glows with a smile

She cries, tears of joy

Her life, He did restyle

Darkness, destroyed!


  1. Thank you, ma'am, for posting my poem here. All glory to God :)

  2. Thank you for such a great work! I've posted it on my facebook wall too