Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Critical Thinking (Footnotes Included)

Critical Thinking

Secular Humanism WorldView

 Worldview for Secular Humanism concerning origin would say that natural existence that has always been has brought about their being and existence. That all matter in the universe has always been and that they came into existence as a time and chance occurred. Worldview on the identity from a Secular Humanistic thought is very sad in that they think they have no real value other than that of the value of an animal. They think that animals and humans have the same value and that they just exist and that is how it has always been. Mere existence is their central thought towards all life forms and that is the only identity for Secular Humanism.

Purpose and life meaning for Secular Humanism would be not much more than some temporary substance that they would pass on to the next generation. If they were able to gain any knowledge, wisdom or monetary value in this lifetime that it would simply be donated or taught to the next generation that would remain after they were deceased. They would simply teach other students what they learn and pass down the information gained or they would leave a donation to a particular cause that they felt worthy.

The scariest part of a Secular Humanist world view is the question of morality. They simply have no moral conscious at all. A Secular Humanist has the scariest of all religious worldview moral outlooks. To not think one has any boundaries or limits on the actions of one's life is an extremely dangerous threat to any populace or society.

The final destiny of the life of a Secular Humanist would be nothing more than to just simply die off. There is no afterlife for a Secular Humanist. After death then life is completely over for them. They think that they just rot and decay upon the moment of death and that is it.

Christian Worldview

Origin for A Christian is found in Genesis. God created man from dust. Eve formed from Adam’s rib and created from the bone of his rib. We were from and created by God. HE knit us together in our mother’s womb. Eve was the mother of all human life. God created Eve from Adam’s rib. As opposed to a Secular Humanistic Worldview on Origin who just came about as a matter of time and chance.

Identity for a Christian is one held in awe and esteemed with honor among all creation. As we are God’s special creation in that we are uniquely created to have fellowship with God and we are the only creation that HE made in HIS image. HE even esteems us higher than all the heavenly hosts of angels. Our Identity for Christians is in Christ Jesus. It is no longer I that lives but Christ Jesus who lives through me. In contrast with a Humanistic Worldview on Identity who think they are nothing more than just another form of life.

Purpose and Meaning in life for the Christian is much influenced by the word of God. It reflects how one would vote on an election where abortion were an issue or where traditional marriage values were an issue. And our purpose is to become like Christ, to live as HE would have us to live, do what HE would have us to do, become what HE would have us to become. Our purpose and meaning would revolve around Christ Jesus. Christians have significant purpose in life but it is so sad for the Secular Humanist who believe they are of no real significance on earth other than any knowledge or monetary value that they can leave behind after they die.

Our moral values are influenced primarily by the word of God. What God esteems and honors is what a Christian should esteem and honor. What God detests and abhors we should detest and abhor. The word of God should become the foundation for our thoughts and our conscious. If God calls it sin then we too should acknowledge it as sin. We are to be Holy as HE is holy. We are to love and honor HIS word and keep HIS commandments. Christians are people who one can generally feel safe around because you have a sense that they can be trusted since they are accountable to God for their actions. On the other hand it is very hard to think about leaving a child that you love with a Secular Humanistic person who has no sense of right or wrong and has no conscious either.

Our destiny upon our death for the Christian may seem sad at first but when you realize there will be no more persecution for that soul who dwelt in an earthen vessel, there will be no more sorrow for that man of God or woman of God, for that Christian but only a life spent in Heaven with our Savior and Lord who they have spent their Christian lives adoring. For the Christian who dies it is nothing but sweet relief. The Secular Humanist believe that life is all that there is for them and that upon death there is nothing else.

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