Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reality Of The Sin Condition In Church & The Afterlife

It is sad and hard for me to face the reality regarding sin in the church. But I can tell you that God does chasten those HE loves. I was saved in 1988 but I never knew anything but the old sinful lifestyle as I was not raised in a Christian home. The Christian lifestyle was a huge change for me. I stayed backslid like a dog to it's vomit on and off for almost five years.

Now, I've been walking strong for the Lord under extremely difficult circumstances for 14 years when most others would have compromised. God will separate the wheat from the tares one day. Just keep your eyes on HIM and not on man. As far as being anything after death on earth, can you imagine how empty that would feel if earth was all there was to life? How desolate, useless and helpless that would make one feel if there was nothing after life on earth? Do you think if a person finds their purpose in life, the one thing that they know they were created for that would help them to consider the after life?

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