Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Problem of Evil

God could have created us to be robots that do exactly what HE wanted us to do but HE would have been so bored. No one would have their own individuality, no conscious to choose from right or wrong and no need for HIS chastisement to show us that HE loves us. John14:15 says "If you love me you, will keep my commandments" and just like with our earthly parents, we are given the choice to obey them or to rebel. Sometimes there are consequences and other times our bad behavior can seemingly go unpunished by our parents.

But as in all areas of life, God has set order to everything. HE chastens those HE loves. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom" Proverbs 9:10 and in Job 28:28 we are told that "the fear of the Lord--that is wisdom and to shun evil is understanding." God gave us a choice. Without evil we would not have the benefit of the choice. Nor would we have the benefit of the blessing because blessing comes by obeying HIS word. See Psalm 119:5 and Ecclesiastes 8:11-12 about how righteousness brings protection and blessing.

We cannot blame all bad things on God. God is only the author of life, good and blessing. If anything bad happens like earthquakes, wars, famines... those are all a result of the fall of Adam. They are a result of sin in this world.

I live in California where we have lots of earthquakes. I also love Science. Take a ball of soft clay then let all the moisture dry out of it like the effects that a drought would have then watch it start to crumble and crack. God promises when HIS people own and possess the land that HE will care for the land and send water in its season. He says this all through Leviticus and Deuteronomy that HIS people have to care for the land like HE tells them to. HE also tells us that HE will send the blessing upon the land of HIS care in Genesis 27:28.

If a drought comes the clay, the earth dries up and shrinks. It becomes condensed in size. Add water or rain and it plumps back up and fills up again. The continues stress on the structure of the ball of clay or the earth will cause an earthquake effect in the earth or a pit or breaking up of the ball of clay. So it is with sin, Sin causes wars because of greed or power. Famines are caused because of greed and lack of responsibility for caring for the earth and God's people. You cannot blame God for man's sin.

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