Saturday, April 12, 2014

Clashing Civilizations Or Culture Diversity

Samuel Huntington was certainly right about Civilization identity being more important in the future which is exactly what we see happening in Nevada with the ranchers verses Federal Bureau of Land Management sad to say!  If the ranchers would have just complied to the law and paid their grazing fees none of the conflicts would have arisen.   
Samuel  Huntington was also right when he made a statement similar or to the effect  of “People from different civilizations have different views on relations between God and man, persons and groups, ranchers or citizens and state, parents and children, husbands and wives, as well as differing views of civil rights and responsibilities, liberties and authority, equality and hierarchy.”  And this was seen as one nine month old Pakistan baby had attempted murder charges dropped against him and his 12 family members for throwing rocks at the police.   And it is also evident that there are clear differences in the Sharia law verses the laws based on Judea Christian ethics as our United States laws are and as most of England’s court systems are also based on the Judea Christian ethics laws.  
He was also right in that the world at times can seem smaller as world population grows and the amount of food and water are less and less.  A famine would definitely be a cause for a clash of civilizations!    Pastor Rod Parsley stated that “it is better to die by the sword than to die by famine” but in all reality if everyone believed that then they would not persecute Christians because God means what HE says when HE says in Psalm 105:15 “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.  Moreover the Lord called for a famine and HE brake the whole staff of bread”
I can only hope and pray that Samuel Huntington was wrong but I believe that Abraham Lincoln would have agreed with Huntington’s thesis from the famous words of President Lincoln “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
What can we do as Christians?  We can live a life according to the Godly principals established in the Holy Bible so that our prayers our not hindered, we can make sure that we are about our Father’s business rather than our own, we can also fast and pray more according to HIS word so that we will see more of HIS works in the world today and hopefully more conversions as our lives reflect Christ and we can do our best to be salt and light in our communities.  It might not be so hard to do on the East Coast.  But in California, New York, Florida and many other places here in America being a Christian in word and deed is truly rare and if there are any … I doubt you will find them!  But we must not lose hope.  Rather spur one and other on to faith and good works through unity of the brethren. 
We can also strive to bring justice to those in the world who have been wronged or exploited by other culture groups, Colonization or Westernization.   Strive to be peace makers in the world rather than oppressors, givers rather than takers, friends rather than enemies just as Mother Theresa and Princess Dianna did.  Especially in lieu of the economic regionalism that continues to threaten more internal and even global devolution against other economic states and/or regions.  
I believe when people (regardless of color, culture, ethnicity, or monetary status) believe that an individual or a group truly has their best interest at heart that they would never feel the need to defend their selves or offend their selves either. 
Some are clever in regards to warning us of our past mistakes with social unrest, civil wars and world wars.  I can only pray the right people will recall the tragedies & endless expenses and pay attention.   Although I am not sure that the fear of calamity is enough to stop the rages of greed.  I am grateful for those who have thoughts of consideration and peace in their views regarding our world today.
Worthy and plausible cause were inscribed in the Latin words “e pluribus unum” which translates to “Out of many, one.” of the American coins that our fore fathers endeavored to persuade on a global scale. One worthy of “Ole Glory” and our pledge to the allegiance of the United States of America – the greatest land I know and love. However, as I grew older and learned of all the exploitation of the poor by one global state to another, and as I learned of the differences in world religions that are so important to some who are extremely religious (according to the actions required for some to perform to satisfy their rules) I realize that not everyone may hold those same endearments as closely to their hearts as the fore fathers did. According to one of our fore fathers President Abraham Lincoln even stated that the possibility to falter would be because we were divided within our own nation state. We have people from every nation in this country but some of those very people may feel indifferent than that motto on the coin I am very sad to say. At the time this great country was birthed that was the farthest from the truth because people were ecstatic to come here! Anyone who came to these shores or borders was considered the happiest and most blessed people in the whole world. If only that were true today then we would be the most glorious people in the world because of our jubilant hearts from a nation at peace. We would not be a Nation that has had to defend herself through war for the past decade.

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