Saturday, April 12, 2014

Considering Cultures & Communities

Language is very important when it comes to evangelism in any culture even if you don’t require a translator.  You cannot go to a pop culture or rock culture and speak to them the same way that you would speak at a church function.  To have the ear of the listener than you must know their lingo or language.  And be able to communicate with them in a way that they understand.
To a Christian author that may mean that you have to get your books and writings published in their language if it is a foreign language.  To an individual who wants to reach a person who is of a different culture than a love for that other person or that other culture would be important.  It would also be best if knowledge of the environment were known and understood by the evangelist. 
Some areas that I’ve traveled on the Southern border of Texas are known to be extremely violent and hostile towards any other culture that is not the drug or Mexican-gang related culture.  There is also an active participation in Santeríawhere they practice animal sacrifices and other witchcraft ceremonies.  To know and understand the environment is important for an evangelist.  Anyone who would want to evangelize there should be equipped in spiritual warfare and he must be able to carry his own weight. 
Terrain is also another important factor along with lifestyle.  For example there are places that are located in the desert regions.  And there are cultures that are situated in a party or gambling environment around casinos, alcohol and even brothels like the ones in Nevada.  So attire is very important to be able to survive 118 degree temperatures that are daily throughout the summer months in places like Arizona or Palm Springs, California.  And to understand the spiritual needs of someone who is addicted to gambling, sex or alcohol may also be important for evangelizing an area bombarded with Casinos and brothels. 
Sometimes you can also find communities that have developed into homosexual communities or where nudity is practiced and accepted in their culture.  There is a nude culture on the East Coast where a pastor was even preaching nude behind the pulpit.  I think it is sad but it happened anyway right here in America.  And there are communities that walk across skywalks that were built for gay men to walk across public roads in the nude and that too is happening right here in Southern California.  So there are many things that have to be considered when attempting to evangelize a community or culture but I think the very most important asset to have is love.  Love for Christ and love for mankind is what is needed most of all.

We are so blessed to have our armed forces on the front lines representing our country. Thank you to all of our military for your hearts of compassion towards those across the world. Love love for humanity truly is the main thing that is needed to bring world peace today. As Christians we should perform the Lausanne Covenant the way that you have done. It does not come naturally to love so freely and with so much innocence. Thank you for your service to God and to our country.

You may count your self blessed to live in such a nice environment that is mainly Christianity! Especially if you take in consideration other parts of the East Coast of the United States and parts of Florida that believes that nudity on the public streets is a way of life for them. And there is even one pastor that preaches in the nude from behind a pulpit. Or take in consideration the casinos, brothels and ungodly sexual relations that are practiced in other communities in Nevada and Southern California. I agree that we should respect the way that others are living and if we want to reach them with the gospel that we should consider their way of living first. When there is a sincere love for any people than there should be nothing to hinder us from attempting to reach them through Christ Jesus. Sometimes just our actions are needed to represent HIM even if it just means being there for someone who is going through a loss of some sort. 

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