Wednesday, April 30, 2014

He Loves You Just Like You Are

I do not approve anyone's sinful lifestyle but the bible says that all of heaven rejoices when one sinner gives his  or her life to Jesus.  I do not ever want to be the one who stands as a brick wall to keep anyone from coming to Jesus!

The letter killeth the spirit gives life.  I remember how Jesus loved me when HE found me as one jacked up mess before I was born again in March of 1988.  I also remember how HE found me as one jacked up mess even worse off then before I was saved when I was living a back slid reprobate lifestyle (sex, alcohol, cigarettes, pot)  for over four years AFTER I had been born again until finally I got set free in July of 1995!

The last chain the God broke off of me was in July of 2007 when HE freed me from chain that nicotine and tar had on me when HE freed me from cigarettes!

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