Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm Not A Taker... I'm A Giver!

Two doctors have requested that the Student Loan Department Of Education forgive my student loan... the first doctor requested that they forgive it in January of 2001 but they ignored the doctors request.

The 2nd doctor requested they forgive it in November of 2010... they forgave it.  Today, they have informed me that they reinstated my past loans due to something about a three year period of observation.

So don't go thinking that they have special freebie programs for disabled people to finish their education because I am living proof that they don't at least not for me. 

I began school again on January 14, 2014 and I am so glad that they have reinstated my loans.  I sent them payments on my loan in 2010 but they returned them to me.  I just want my degrees. 

Why did I go back to school?  That is a great question.  In July of 2014 my disabled daughter who is recovering from a stroke and brain surgery in 2006 came home to live with me for the first time since we lost our five bedroom home on December 27th, 1994 in Clinton, MS.

In September 2014 HUD added her to my lease but only a week later they renigged and said that my daughter could not live with me.  Ashleigh had to fly back to Florida.  I got so depressed I had to do something or I would have sunk into a deep pit that I possibly would have never recovered from. 

Yea, I'm disabled but I'm not dead!  I'm fighting tooth and nail for my health but I am no thief.  I'm not a taker... I am a giver!   I've worked hard the entire time even after the doctors declared me disabled in January 2001.

I ministered to over 75 children between July 2000 and October 2005.  I took them to church with me, I took them to the beach with me when I did my physical therapy.  I took them to the YMCA with me when I went to do my physical therapy. 

I took them everywhere with me.  Every single one of them was ministered to with prayer and the inquiry of their spirit life.  Many of them were baptized by me in the Gulf of Mexico in Tarpon Springs, Florida between 2000-2005. 

Many of them asked Jesus to be their Lord at my front door before they entered my apartment.  I taught a few of them piano lessons and how to read sheet music, and I taught a few of them singing lessons.  In 2009 my first book was published by another company. 

In 2009 I began my internet marketing business, in 2009 I began classes at AACC and I got my Board Certified Christian Counseling Certificate from the American Association Of Christian Counseling after finishing 45 hours 30 of which my sister paid for the rest I paid for myself. 

And then in 2010 I published my first book "Flat Belly Recipes" and since then I have published four more of my own.  In February of 2014 I began publishing books for other people with my first being a World War II novel by Annette Salvesen.  So as you can see, I've never been lazy. 

As I said I am not a taker, I'm a giver.  I have no respect for those in our society who want something for free and they just take all that they can steal from our country.  They want the government to give them this or give them that. 

I've been run over my a four door solid steal car in 1979, almost killed in motor cycle wreck in 1987, electrocuted almost to death at age 4, broke my left leg twice and my left foot twice,  got bulged disks in my neck, a tumor on my spine, and hips that are rotated.

I've been fighting knee surgery for over 10 years now that two doctors said was inevitable that I had to have, I survived 14 years of gross domestic violence from ape size men when I wasn't but 130 pds for 8 of those years, I survived about five years of homelessness between 12/27/1994-05/16/1996, then again from September of 2005 until January of 2008, then this last time was from January 17th, 2013 until May 17th, 2013,  I also survived four terrible bike wrecks and a few car accidents... but you don't see me taking blood money from the IRS or stealing anything from anyone! 

So don't forget that this woman has paid her debt to society over and over again and I have nothing for any blue collar thief especially if they are employed by the United States Government!   


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