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China Clean Air, Japan & India Energy Independent

China Clean Air, Japan & India Energy Independent    
By Kimmy D. Nelson  
Liberty University  
 Clean Air & Energy Independent Asia 
It should be the goal of every state and every nation to become sustainable, energy independent and free from the control of any other state or nations.  And it should be the goal of every nation to be free from any energy dependence to another state or nation's energy leverage. Also for every state and nation to be sustainable with clean air and clean water as a benefit of their success.     By extracting the natural gas resources from China, Japan and India for the use of natural gas operated vehicles, permanent magnetic generators and motors or electro magnetic grid operated trains for all of the major land transportation needs they will begin to have cleaner air and be more independent and sustainable at the same time.   
All the while the whole world will benefit because of their efforts to reduce green house emissions and improve their global position as a leader in the new world of sustainability for the future survival of life on planet earth.   
As they are improving their sovereign global position by becoming energy independent they will improve their financial security as well by reducing the need and cost of imported energy            

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Why Clean Air For China & Why Energy Independence For Japan & India 
It is important to try and help China become sustainable and eco friendly so that they will have cleaner air and less pollution 
It is also important to help India and Japan become energy independent all the while making the world a cleaner more eco friendly environment.  India and Japan are dependent on imported crude oil.  India has some natural gas resource in the Western Offshore region.  Japan has very little natural gas.  China is very dependent on coal and other unclean energy.  We are only helping ourselves when we help others to become sustainable and eco friendly.   
This will also help end the wearing of face masks or gas masks for millions of people in the nation of China and it will help India and Japan to be free from energy dependence on imported oils. 
China Free From Pollution   
We will expose how the thick haze over Bo Hai Bay and Yellow Sea is likely due to the industrial pollution in China.  And how smog from mainland China has reached California.  And how sulfur dioxide emissions have been on the decline since 2006. And how (CFC's) chlorofluorocarbons are responsible for tearing the hole in our atmosphere's protective ozone layer.  
And how Anthropocene proves that mankind is responsible for saving or destroying our planet's eco system, our clean air and our clean water.  And we must do our part to demand international action be taken to limit or stop all industrial and agricultural pollutants from further destroying our planet.   
We can see how enormous quantities of industrial and agricultural pollutants are contributing to the green house effect with their green house gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and nitrous oxides and the environmental stresses that they cause.   
And how they are also contributing to the cause of the hole in the ozone's protective layer in earth's atmosphere.  We must now insist that complete recycling, reusing, and reducing must be a global effort while we reduce or completely stop any possible new industrial pollutants from being produced.  
The first location is in India we will be discussing for possible conversion all vehicles to use or convert to natural gas, electro magnetic railroads or permanent magnetic generators and motors for vehicles other than manual transportation.   
There are already some natural gas pipe lines next to Bombay (Mumbai) Latitude 18° 55' N, and Longitude 72° 54' E border that ends or begins there on the Eastern side that runs up through the North Eastern part of India between Pakistan and Nepal that ends and begins in Delhi.  
And the location on the main island of Japan for the beginning railroad is at Aomar Japan with a global position of 40.8167° N, 140.7500° E 
Beijing China's location is 39.9139° N, 116.3917° E.  We will be looking at Beijing because it is one of the top 20 most polluted cities in China.   
That natural gas pipe line in Bombay India need to be enlarged to stretch the entire length and width of India's borders and possibly through out several key points inside along the railroads paths.   
The rail road runs all the way through every direction of India. Perhaps we can look at all the possibilities of extending the uses of the railroad system to include passenger trains and cargo trains and maybe increase the train schedules to make more runs for both passengers and for cargo.  This would help reduce the nations dependency on crude oil.   
Japan's main island and her little outskirt islands as well need to start building fusion type reactors.  And maybe they can focus on converting all vehicles to permanent magnetic generators and motors  
This will end their need for imported crude oil for the nation of Japan and the nation of India since those two nation states are totally dependent on imported crude oil.  This will also help tremendously in reducing green house gases, methane, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxides that are polluting the planet's atmosphere.   
China must also changes to contribute to reversing the damages caused by their tremendous outpouring of toxins in the planet's environment. Japan and China can begin using steam engines to produce energy and heat without the toxic side effects. 
They can help do this by converting some of their industrial plants to be energized by steam engines which are very efficient and a direct energy conversion.  This will stop the outflow of the massive poisonous environmental hazards and still provide a way for them to continue their industrial contributions to the world.   
And they can also convert some into biofuel research industries and other locations they can convert into fusion type reactor plants. If they build 30 strategically placed fusion type power plants in Tibet, Beijing, Shanghai and all across China that will be sufficient to supply energy for the entire nation of China 
One fusion power reactor could supply all the energy needs for Japan.  They must also utilize all their natural gas lines and railroad stations to be the main source of transportation for their country.   
The place is the continent of Asia for China and Japan and the subcontinent of South Asia for India.  China's natural gas is piped in  through Miramar Burmese from the Bay of Bengal.  Japan has some natural gas but limited.  India has a supply of natural gas resource available to them through the Western Offshore regions by Mumbai high complex.   
And all three countries have some railroad system already in place.  India's rail system is extensive and well connected throughout the nation.  Japan's runs along the coast line in most of the country.   China has an extensive railroad system too.  Perhaps they can make sure they are using their railroads to do as much passenger and freight uses as possible.                                                                                                                                                                     
These are areas that are already supplied with railroads and with some natural gas pipe lines.  However the natural gas pipe lines will need to be enlarged and increased in India. . 
Dr. Hans Petermann says "Fusion energy is hydrogen, nitrogen, H20 and oxygen processed at very high temperatures then maintained by stabilizing the temperature to produce a constant supply of energy 24/7 without the toxic waste that nuclear energy, coal and oil produce.  
This is done in a fusion reactor that would have to be built and Dr. Hans Peterman can build itThe Germans have already got rid of most of their nuclear energy plants and they have switched to solar energy and natural gas. The fusion process has been known to scientist for many years.   
A fusion reactor has to be constructed and built and Dr. Hans Petermann can build it.  The fusion reactor which has been accomplished previously in Germany is great to phase out all nuclear power plants and switch over to fusion energy 
Dr Hans continues by saying that this fusion reactor fusion energy supplies constant energy can be maintained by regulating the temperature.   
He said Japan can also do cold fusion like they've been doing by a scientist in France.  Dr. Stanley Pons in 1989-90 and Fleischmann (Fleischmann is now retired) but Pons has continued in the work in cold fusion (a chemical energy process) by using elements by low heat and changing chemicals molecular structure to get energy out.   
And Dr. Hans says that Japan and India can also use permanent magnetic generators and motors can be used to run any vehicle.  And Japan can use the steam engine for heat and China can use the steam engine for heat.  And they can continue to use the electro magnetic train.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Much of the Continent of Asia is already equipped with natural gas pipelines and railroads.  And in the subcontinent of Asia in India they are well equipped with railroads and their own natural gas supply.  Japan and China have had lots of interactions between their two countries for centuries. India has also had some influence on some of the areas in and near China.   
Human Environment Interaction 
Dr. Hans Petermann says that Japan needs to go all solar and natural gas energy for now until a fusion energy reactors can be built which are very safe, reliable and there are no toxic wastes like the billions of tons of nuclear waste that are already being disposed of throughout the world.  They are storing the nuclear waste at Yucca Flats Nevada U.S.AWith the Fusion Energy process that will exclude the toxins altogether.   
The nuclear waste can be made inert by using brown's gas to neutralize the nuclear waste totally.   Dr. Hans Petermann knew Dr. Yull Brown he was originally from Bulgaria.   
China must now reverse their damages that they have caused into the earth's atmosphere.  They can begin doing research to find out how best to do so but they must also drastically reduce and further limit their industrial and agricultural pollutants.  If they want to continue to operate any of their industrial plants they must now convert to the steam engine to produce energy because this will not produce any toxins to the environment.  They must now convert to the steam engine.   

A highly nuclear radioactive fuel rod from nuclear reactors will remain radioactive for thousands of years if not millennia and must be stored in remote places where they will not contaminate water, air, or any other parts of the eco system's environment.     
In all of man's genius inventions we still have not found out how to enjoy this life and be productive by being 100% renewable, recyclable, or reusable.  And until life becomes uninhabitable on planet earth or mankind wises up to the fact that is the only way to survive on this planet is by not producing things that you cannot live with or get rid of for thousands of years.   

The truth is... nuclear energy should have never been produced.  Neither should plastic have ever been produced.  But we did now we need to fix it.  Either find the antidote or stop producing it whatever the disease, or in this case toxin may be. 

In the last 200 years population growth has increased by fourfold going from 1.5 billion to 6 billion in the 20th century alone.  Now it is 7 billion since we are in the 21st century.  Because of the mass population growth that translates into the greater environmental changes that are likely to occur.  

 This is all the  more reason we need new international limits on toxins and new international legislation on proper waste management, and new regulations on how things are to be disposed of and what can or cannot be disposed.   

Poor countries should not be allowed to sale land fills to other countries unless there are stipulations included that prohibit open and unsanitary garbage dumps.   

We must drastically reduce the amount of waste that is being produced.
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