Friday, May 9, 2014

Climate Change & Human Environment

A highly nuclear radioactive fuel rod from nuclear reactors will remain radioactive for thousands of years if not millennia and must be stored in remote places where they will not contaminate water, air, or any other parts of the eco system's environment.

In all of man's genius inventions we still have not found out how to enjoy this life and be productive by being 100% renewable, recyclable, or reusable. And until life becomes uninhabitable on planet earth or mankind wises up to the fact that is the only way to survive on this planet is by not producing things that you cannot live with or get rid of for thousands of years then generation after generation will be stuck with their forefathers junk. 

The truth is... nuclear energy should have never been produced. Neither should plastic have ever been produced. But we did now we need to fix it. Either find the antidote or stop producing it whatever the disease, or in this case toxin may be.
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Wonder if that is why all the starfish are dying by the millions?

One way to get closer to being 100% renewable, recyclable, or reusable is the way that I do it:  I've been doing this proficiently for many years now. The only thing that I dispose of that cannot be recycled are things like dirty Q-tips, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, tea bags, or food particles. Everything else gets recycled, reused or renewed in one way or another.

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