Monday, May 12, 2014

Your Divine Purpose In This Life On Earth

Did you know that you were divinely created by the creator of the universe to solve a problem in this life on this earth in your generation that no one else will ever be able to do but you. Some people go through their whole lives never knowing, never asking, and never being told what their entire life's purpose is.

That almost happened to me. I went to bartending school in 1986-87 and became a bartender for a brief period of my life. Then I went through 3 years of pre med and social science in the early nineties, became a life insurance agent in the late nineties, gave birth to four children between 1980 and 1994. But in 2005 I heard God clearer than I've ever heard HIM before. 

He told me that my life's purpose was in politics. I think my dear blessed mother knew this all along somehow as I recall her going and buying me a brand new crimson blouse and set of blazer pants to go with it for my sixth grade class trip from Marshall, MO. to the Missouri State capitol in Columbia. That was one of the few new outfits that I can ever remember getting in my life.

I still think she knew somehow. Maybe it was because I had a paper route early on in my life during that same year. I had an older sister and two baby sisters but out of all four of us I was the only one that ever took up a paper route. That was my first experience with public policy.

I encourage you to seek God for the divine reason and purpose HE has created you for. I can assure you there is one. And it may not and it likely is not in the field that you are currently in. But it is never too late with God for HE will always make a way for you to complete the work that HE created you for.

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