Monday, May 12, 2014

Jesus was born in 4 BC. Constantine declared Christianity to be the religion of ROME in 313 AD proving that Jesus conquered Roman empire who had once played part in the final decision to have Jesus crucified.

Introduction & Chapter 1 (Towns) DONE!   "kenosis" Greek meaning emptied.
Introduction & Chapter 1 (Etzel & Gutierrez) DONE! 
Chapter 2 (Etzel & Gutierrez) DONE! "pistis" Greek word meaning faith --- a conviction that something is true (Etzel & Gutierrez)
Chapter 3 (Etzel & Gutierrez) DONE! "yakach" Green translated means reasoning or thought process
Chapter 4 (Etzel & Gutierrez) DONE!  Koine Greek 1st Century is what the original New Testament was written in. It was the common vernacular of the 1st Century.
Chapter 5 (Etzel & Gutierrez) DONE! "aletheia" translated means associated reality or fact. This weeks reading and study is completed!  Thank Goodness! 
:-)  I just took my first test I got an 86 = B+

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