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Biblical Worldview Essay

Biblical Worldview Essay
By Kimmy Nelson
Theology 104

My degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in Health and Social Science. The vocations that I’m already in are internet evangelism, online marketing, publishing and I am an author. The Vocation that God has called me to is in politics.

My business is and I have three nonprofit organizations that are all housed under “Whole House of the Lord” ministries. First there is my weekly online service ministry where I invite the unchurched to attend live services online through my social media posts. The first online ministry that I began is a prolife support ministry then later I began a troop support ministry

I have been evangelizing on a regular basis for over a decade. My ministry began in the late eighties as I fell in love with Jesus and HIS word. I found myself doing what HE said to do in the word. If someone asks you for the shirt on your back then give them your cloak as well. If someone asks you to go one mile go with them two miles also.
I found myself picking up hitch hikers on my way to church as my home church was down the interstate about five miles. I would tell them that they could get in my car only if they would allow me to take them to church where they could get some cold water and possibly a night at the church shelter. I did this for about three years totaling about 40 hitch hikers. One of them was baptized. He was a really tall Native American Indian man.
Later, my protégé Mother Nell Summers suggested that I do not pick them up anymore as it was just not safe. She suggested that a man should be in that ministry and not a woman. In my books that I author there are many references to God in the book of Poetry. And one of my books is titled “The Successful Single Life” and it tells how to live above reproach as a single Christian. It gives reference to the book of Joshua and many other scriptures that led to my final victorious single life rather than the one I had lived in my late twenties.

God’s Purpose for My Life
God has given me divine revelation that HIS will for me is to run in politics. I am a strange bird when it comes to politics because the most important issue to me is prolife. However, I also think that traditional marriage between a man and a woman needs to be preserved. And I know that God has given man dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:28) so it is our responsibility to keep the planet in good health condition. Which is another reason why I support ecofriendly environments that are maneuvered with renewable or clean energy as opposed to oil or petroleum operated vehicles.
I also support sustainability environments so that we can take good care of our planet. As well as complete recycling, reusing, and reducing of materials that are not so easily biodegradable. At some point we should begin to prohibit the use of such materials. I support stronger laws that govern global polices concerning hazardous materials such as chemical, biological, and nuclear waste.
God says that we are to care for the poor and to help the needy (Psalms 82:3) and that we are to be merciful and to execute justice (Micah 6:8). And that we are to refuse bribes and extortion (Isaiah 33:15). We are also to speak up for those who have no voice. We are to love God and our neighbor as our self. Luke 10:25-37 exemplifies the loving of our neighbor. Even when traditionally they are two ethnic groups who are not accustomed to socializing. When we see anyone in need (even if it is your enemy) we are to be kind and gracious unto them. We are to love our enemies and bless those who curse us.
Too often when people are elected into office they see all the corruption that is going on behind closed doors and on every corner and then they compromise and begin doing the same. Some have rejected the ways of average politician and they have held their office with great integrity. That is how the office of a leader should be held is for one to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Not to lie or steal, not to accept bribes or gain from extortion. This cannot be an easy thing to do when so many people are doing it. But when one has been regenerated by the Spirit of God then HE will enable HIS servant to walk honorably among men.

When we have been regenerated by the Spirit of the Lord we are able to live among men honorably in obedience to HIS word so that we will not freely lie, steal, cheat or commit any other sins as others in the world may do. We then have the power to do the right thing when no one is looking. No matter what our vocation if one has been born again then it is likely that same one will want to live a life pleasing unto the Lord. One that would likely conduct their life as Jesus would have done if HE were still on the earth today.
There is an ole cliché that was once popular in the eighties and they made wrist bands out of the slogan “What Would Jesus Do” in the initials “WWJD”. I believe that sums up the Christian Worldview Lifestyle.

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