Monday, June 16, 2014

Why the Church Is Misunderstood

Why the Church Is Misunderstood I believe that this is because there are modern day Ahab’s, modern day Jezzabelle’s and modern day Eli’s who are greedy and could care less about the issues that are profoundly important to the heart of God such as taking care of the widows and orphans. Executing justice, extending mercy, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked…. and so on. The shepherds have been worthless devouring all the meat offerings and good grain, drinking freely of clean water and then trampling the remaining clean water so that the flock have nothing left to eat or drink. Many shepherds butted with flank and shoulder the weak of the flock. They never searched for the weak or the lost sheep of their pasture. And if they found them they bullied them around hoping that they would go away and not be so troublesome to them. They did not care for the souls of their flock. They were not good watchmen over the flock. I agree with Dr. Towns that the church needs to display love towards one and other so that the world can see our love for each other rather than the back biting, fighting and devouring of each other that has been going on for over a decade. I also agree with Dr. Towns that the church needs to repent. Perhaps if the church repented then God could bring revival and pour out HIS spirit upon the church and renew them. Repentance is the main key otherwise they are wasting their time no matter what good works they do. I also believe that there are individuals in the Bible belt who say that they are Christians but they do not have a problem stealing, lying, cheating, accepting bribes and accepting gains from extortion. Why would I say such a thing? Because this week it was reported that Mississippi is the most corrupt state in the union. Mississippi is in the Bible belt. So obviously there was someone pretending to be a Christian but they were living a dishonorable life before God.

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