Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kimmy Nelson Enterprises

Kimmy Nelson Enterprises began in 2009 after her 1st book was published. Later that year it branched out into monetized websites and internet marketing. And in 2011 we expanded into a self publishing company of books and one cd. In 2014 we began by publishing other people's works. 

We published Annette Salvesen's "Sworn To Secrecy WWII Memoirs" and we would like for you to place a copy of it in each of your European and American hotels. We provide European history books of WWII (college level) and books for leisure or any other kind of book that you are looking for.  

We also specialize in tools, golf carts, baby diapers & accessories, women's fine clothing, apparel, shoes and accessories, men's fine clothing, shoes and accessories.  We also have the worlds finest coffee and tea, commercial coffee makers, and commercial kitchen appliances.  

What ever  you need as long as it doesn't eat, drink and sleep, it is likely we can get it for you with the best prices and choices available worldwide with multiple shipping options.  Also find us here at

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