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Prayer & Salvation (Saviour)

Prayer & Salvation (Saviour)

I will reflect upon the Theological definition, the Biblical definition, and the Practical application of “Saviour/Salvation” and “Prayer” for my two topics of interest. When I say the word Salvation I am using it in correlation to the topic “Saviour” The topic “Born Again” or“Salvation” is the main topic that I want to select.

Saviour Theological Definition

The Theological definition of Saviour is that God will save man from his sin. God will send HIS only begotten Son as a sin offering to pay for the sins of the world. And to redeem mankind back to HIMSELF from the fall of man which was initiated in the Garden of Eden by Adam.

Saviour Biblical Definition

The Biblical Definition of Saviour is “one who saves from any form of degree of evil. In its highest sense the word indicates the relation sustained by our Lord to HIS redeemed ones, HE is their Saviour. The great message of the gospel is about salvation and the Saviour. It is the “Gospel of salvation.” Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ secures to the sinner a personal interest in the work of redemption. Salvation is redemption made effectual to the individual by the power of the Holy Spirit” Jesus Christ would become the Lamb slain for the sins of humanity by living a sinless life unto the Lord only to be persecuted then give HIS life sacrificially on the cross and pouring out HIS blood on the mercy seat in heaven to pay for the sins of mankind. Jesus is the great Redeemer … The only ONE who is capable of redeeming any soul from Hells’ Master Satan.

Saviour Personal Application

Salvation is the only event in one’s life that will be most memorable, most notable and most important after the event of one’s birth on earth. Nothing anyone could ever do will ever be as significant as when one is “Born Again” and meets the great Saviour. The great Saviour was humbly presented to me and I graciously received HIM. Then the great Saviour (The Lord Jesus Christ) then utterly swept me off my feet and I found HIM completely irresistible in 1988. So much in love with HIM ‘till I became consumed in wanting to read HIS word, memorize HIS Word, learn what HE did while HE was here on earth even to learning the customs of HIS day. I could not help but fall in love with HIM because of HIS goodness, HIS love towards the weak and the needy, HIS acceptance of the outcast. HE became my hero. I fell so in love with HIM that after I learned of HIS sweet and wonderful ways that I needed nothing else to prove my everlasting love for HIM for the rest of eternity. Our love has sealed my life’s mission.

Prayer Theological Definition

Prayer is talking to God and a Christian believes that can only be done through Christ Jesus. Baker’s theological dictionary says that prayer is to include adoration (Luke 1:46-55, Psalms 144-150), confession (Psalm 51, Luke 18:13) and thanksgiving (Psalm 75, 1 Thess 1:2) Christians prayed for rain and fire, relief from famine, plague, to resurrect the dead (Kings 8:35-40, 17:20-22, 18:26:39) Jesus gave the greatest model of a prayer in Matt. 6:9:13, Luke 11:2-4

Prayer Biblical Definition

The bible says that there are about 650 different prayers in the bible. So there are many different ways to pray. No man cometh unto the Father except through Christ Jesus the Son. We can only come to the Father through Christ Jesus through prayer. The bible also says we are to prayer without ceasing 1 Thess 5:16-18. So we are to remain in a constant prayerful state. Ephesians 6:18 This sets us in a Christ conscious state and helps us to remain devoted to HIM and to HIS works.

Prayer Personal Application

My best friend was an ole 88 year old prophet of God who has been gone now to roam the highways of heaven on Chariots with all of God’s heavenly Hosts. She taught me to prayer the Priestly benediction from Numbers 6:23-27 “before your feet hit the floor every morning” is what she said to me. She also said that I should set aside a personal time with God each morning. She stated in the wee early morning hours that are unmentionable. As it turns out I developed a sleeping disorder that made it real easy for me to seek God in the wee hours of the night. She also taught me how to prayer critical prayers for urgent times of deliverance. She taught me by her example. She said like Moses “Kimi, I told God to take the spirit of anger off of me or else to kill me” and now many times when I need a break through I get dead serious with God. Sometimes life can be so hard and all we have is God. Without hearing from HIM or getting direction or comfort from HIM we can become discouraged and we might even wax cold.
So I make it a habit of bombarding HIM with lots of situations. Then cast my care on HIM knowing that it is HIS burden not mine, It was HIM that gave me the call on my life for what HE has called me to do. When I don’t see it happening or I feel a rock has been thrown in my wheel then I just say “God, I didn’t ask you to call me to this purpose in my life, and it is not looking like it is going to happen. So if you want it to happen then I just want you to know that I am giving it to YOU for YOU to do with it as YOU will.” Then once more, I am carefree, happy and light as a feather in the spirit. I ask HIM about everything and HE talks to me about everything.
People may think I’m crazy because I take God literally at HIS word. And the world can’t understand that and many times they just deem me crazy. But If God said it to me then I know that is what it is going to be whether people or the world acknowledge God’s ways of doing things or not. Prayer is what led me to salvation, and prayer is one of the things that fans the flames of my relationship with my Great King and Saviour the Lord Jesus. Prayer Changes things! Prayer changes me too.

Prayer & Salvation (Saviour) Conclusion

Prayer & Salvation are the two greatest things in my life. I couldn’t have had Salvation without Prayer and I could not have an ongoing and meaningful relationship with the blessed Lord Jesus without prayer so I feel that they are the two key essential ingredients to the Gospel message.

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