Monday, December 8, 2014

Case Study Reply For Obese Pregnant Adult


Obese Pregnant Adult with pre gestational BMI of 27 and gestational BMI of 30 and a pre diabetic condition which has worsened.

For this Pre Gestational Female case study was very good.  I like the way that her BMI was classified both Pre Gestational of BMI of 27 and Gestational BMI of 30.  And it is great that the Gestational diabetes was caught early so that they can watch her more closely to make sure she doesn’t get too much fluid retention that could cause more serious complications from preeclampsia.  And good that her pre anemia was also discovered so that she can get more GI testing if necessary to check her for Celiac Disease.   And that is also important so that the baby can get the sufficient nutrients it needs to develop healthy organs, tissues and bones.   However on the diet recommendation for her need of extra protein, as a mother of four children, I would recommend 2% milk during her snacks, and all of the other meal times throughout the day.  This will help her watch her calorie and fat intake while giving her the extra protein that she is needing. 

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