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Obese Elderly Man's Nutritional Needs

 Elderly Man's Nutritional Needs For A Sedentary Lifestyle After Retirement.  Frank is 67 years old.  He weighs 205.  Frank is 5 foot 8 inches tall.  Frank's  waist circumference is 42”.

Topic    Information/Discussion
BMI    31 1/2
BMI Weight Classification    Obese
Nutritional Needs    •    Elderly male needs to consume 13 eight ounce glasses of water a day.  Four should be before each meal.  This will make Elderly male feel fuller faster. If he still feels he has to have the tea then he needs to have it without sugar. He can use Licorice root or Stevia to retain sweetness without too much calories. 
•    Elderly male needs to remove all sodium out of his foods and his diet and replace them with lemon, turmeric, garlic and spices this will satisfy the taste and flavor of the food without the added sodium.
•    Elderly male needs to remove all highly saturated fat butter out of his diet.  He must start using Extra Virgin Olive oil on his potatoes and in place of all butter in his food and diet. 
•    Elderly male must stop eating pretzels and salty peanuts.  He can replace the pretzels with organic popcorn with olive oil in place of butter.  He can still have the peanuts but they must be honey roasted without salt or plain roasted with no added salt. 
•    Instead of a red meat steak so often Elderly male could replace it with a nice baked or broiled Salmon.
Risks    •    Elderly male is at risk for stroke if he does not get his blood pressure down
•    Elderly male is also at risk for heart disease because he is obese
•    Elderly male is also at risk for cancer because of his obesity and sedentary lifestyle. 
•    Elderly male is also at greater risk for arthritis and osteo-degenerative disease.
Activity/Exercise    •    Elderly male recently retired and is too sedentary for his health needs.

Topic    Information/Discussion
Weight Goals    Elderly male needs to lose roughly about 50 pounds to get back to a normal weight of 158.  To be exact Elderly male needs to lose 47 pounds.
Calories    Currently his calories are 2101 per day.
He must reduce this to about 1500 calories a day if he wants to see some healthy weight loss.
Nutritional Recommendations    •    He needs to decrease his sodium intake by eating foods low in salt or foods with no added salt.  If he lowers his sodium intake it could help lower his high blood pressure.
•    Elderly male needs to eat foods that are more nutritionally dense with fewer calories in order to rectify his health and weight challenges. 
•    He also needs to eat more fiberous foods to help decrease his appetite that has caused him to eat as much as he did.
•    By reducing his caloric intake, increasing his nutritional density foods and his fiber this will reduce his risks for heart disease, cancer and arthritis.
Activity/Exercise    •    Walking about an hour a day will do it or 30 min of vigorous activity daily will also help Elderly male to improve his health and reach his reduced weight loss goals in a healthy manner.

Topic    Information/Discussion
Actual Calories    Currently his calories are 2101 per day
He should try to reduce them to 1500 per day to see healthy weight loss.

Explanations for Meal Plan    Breakfast:
Oatmeal will help Elderly male to feel satiated and fuller faster and longer while not adding unnecessary caloric intake. The egg will give him the extra protein needed along with the 2% milk. 
His breakfast should be: A serving of Oatmeal with olive oil, raisins and unsweetened applesauce and a boiled egg for breakfast with 2% milk and 400mL water.

Snack: He could have pumpkin seeds and an apple for a snack along with 400mL water.  This snack will not add unwanted calories but will give the extra energy needed for the day and help him feel fuller between meals.

Lunch: At lunch he could have roasted chicken with roasted carrots and a salad.  He should only use olive oil and apple cider vinegar for the dressing.  A piece of natural fruit for desert with 400mL water. The roasted chicken has lower calories than if it were fried and the roasted carrots and a salad will also help him to reduce caloric intake when the salad is served with Olive oil and apple cider vinegar.   The natural fruit is a good source of fiber and a touch of sweetness to satisfy the sweet tooth craving that sometimes follows a meal.

Snack: Unsalted roasted peanuts with some popcorn served with olive oil only served with another glass 400mL water. The unsalted roasted peanuts will help elderly male reduce is sodium intake while still meeting his protein needs and it is the perfect snack.  The popcorn is added fiber and will help elderly male not miss the peanuts and pretzels he was accustomed to. 

Dinner: Baked Salmon with Sweet potatoes served with olive oil only, corn on the cob served with olive oil only and whole grain brown rice served with olive oil instead of butter and with 400mL water. This will cut calories and add fiber perfect for weight loss.

Snack: Elderly male can have a bowl of unsweetened whole grain cereal served with 2% fat milk as a late night snack or he can have an apple with 400mL water.  This will help satisfy him before bed while giving him melatonin needed for a good nights sleep.

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