Friday, January 16, 2015

My Covenant With God Not To Lie

I made a covenant with God in 2000 after reading a bible verse that Kevin Rosendahl gave me from Joshua 1:7-8 then learning that verse had some qualifying verses of keeping the "Ten Commandments".  And I wanted the blessings of Joshua 1:7-8 so I wanted to try and keep the Ten Commandments.  I thought it would be easy because I was already keeping all of them but three. I used to tell those "little white lies" at my convenience. I had to stop that.

I told another little white lie several years later while in rural Missouri and when I did I had to admit it to the person that I lied to, I had to repent and tell that person the truth. It was terribly embarrassing.

And worse than anything it was about nothing but some bottle rocket fireworks that I shot toward the street on the 4th of July in rural Missouri.

Nonetheless, I lied about it so in front of 3 people I had to admit that when I stumbled so bad over my words it was only because I had lied. Then I had to tell the truth. I am the world's worse liar.

When I lie... I stumble all over my words because it is NOT natural for me. I think everyone should make an effort to keep the commands of God. It would make the world a much better place.

The other two things that I was not doing in obedience to the "Ten Commandments" were "Keep the Sabbath day Holy" and not to fornicate or commit adultery.  I began keeping all of the Commands of God in 2000 and I've been celibate every since.  My book was born because of my celibacy "The Successful Single Life"

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