Friday, January 16, 2015

What Is A "Survivor"... I'm NO QUITTER

 Survived 11 years (8 consecutive), (3 years on and off) of Domestic Violence from 1979-1994. Don't believe me? Ask Carol Hayward my marriage counselor of 4 years or my sister Karen!  #PTSD #NoQuitter

Survived homelessness from Jan. 2013-May 2013 San Diego, CA. Don't believe me? Ask Dr. Amy Mahoney of "Rachel's Women Center" on 8th st. in downtown San Diego (where I stayed sleeping on an army cot in one room of 30 women and six bathrooms from March 2013-May 2013), my daughter Ashleigh or my baby sister Lori. ‪#‎PTSD‬ #NoQuitter

Survived 3 years of homelessness from 2005 in Tarpon Springs, Fl. though Jan. 2008 Richland, MO. Don't believe me? Ask my daughter Ashleigh or my sister Karen. ‪#‎PTSD‬

Survived two years of homelessness from Dec. 27th, 1994 until June 1996 as the only white homeless mother of 4 on the streets of Jackson, MS.. Don't believe me? Ask Karen or Juli (my sisters) or anyone of my four children!!!! #PTSD

 Run over by a 4 door solid steel car at age 17 by the car my parents gave to me and my first husband as our wedding present. My husband failed to put brakes on the car after he drove his self to work then handed me the keys and told me to "pump them!" As a young un experienced driver finding myself backing down a steep hill above the Spillway reservoir, a boat dock and light pole with no brakes... I thought the car would roll onto the dock and sink the dock and boats on top of me. 

I threw the car door open and jumped only to find that when I released the steering wheel it began to turn by itself and it pinned me underneath the car and ran me over from my knee up my leg, over my core, stomach and lungs.  I took the deepest breath I could hold in my lungs and I held my breath the entire time it rolled over my lungs. 

The doctor said that was the only reason that my lungs didn't puncture my heart and kill me. When the tire got to my neck I thought my head would explode so I moved my neck and head over to the side as far as I could but the top portion of the back of my crown could not get out of the way so the tire rolled right over it and the rock that was stuck in the tire became embedded in my skull until the doctors at the ER dug it out and put 12 stitches in my head and ex-rayed my 3 broken ribs.

 I stayed in bed for 3 weeks not knowing I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my first boy. Don't believe me? Ask Juli, Karen or Lori (my sisters) or my ex husband Mike Gentry!

Electrocuted almost to death at age 4 1/2 a top my mother's freezer in the basement after walking through the washing machine water that drained into the basement floor drain then hopped on top mother's freezer and grabbed the water pipes that hung beneath the main floor on the ceiling of the basement and was electrocuted severely until I wet my britches and it grounded me even worse then Mother came down stairs .... took a broom and knocked me off onto the cement basement floor. Don't believe me? Ask anyone of my sisters... find then on my family listed here on my facebook!!! ‪#‎PTSD‬

I have severe arthritis... as my doctors said... "I'm prone to arthritis" (Clearwater, FL. Pain Management 2001) but really... they didn't have to tell me. It was not as if I haven't known ever since my mother had it when I was only 12 years old. I have a pretty outrageous past as many of my ole class mates knew that I was the real "party girl" Getting high was what I lived for until Jesus delivered me. They say people with PTSD are prone to do that. Thankfully, I'm not the only one who has ever suffered from an addiction before and got over it! No, I don't get drunk or do drugs anymore. I quit smoking too... and to many of you... my new found survival skills (workaholic, movies or sleep) look kinda awkward to you. What's it to ya! It's NunYa!!! But watch out otherwise you may find your life so painful that you need to find relief too! Let's take your home, your kids, your health and your possessions from you and not let you have them back for as long as I've done without them... then let's see what you look like!!!…/clearwater-fl_city.htm

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