Friday, January 16, 2015

If You Live For Jesus You Never Have Reason To Give Up

<<<This girl here ain't never been suicidal in my life but God knows I've been in the depths of hell screaming for bloody murder trying to escape the grips of evildoers and the cords of the grave!!!  Don't you ever forget it!  I love life and always have!  That is why sometimes I sit up all night long... I don't want to miss a thing!!!

Don't believe me?  Ask my daughter Ashleigh or some of my other family members who had to lie to the cops to get them to come and check on me at a hotel the night after I lost my home of eight years in Sept. 2005. They were hundreds of miles away in Mississippi and were worried about me because I had just lost my home.  I told my daughter that "I want to go home" and she mistook it for meaning something else.  I meant that I wanted my home back!  I wanted my four children back! 

I wasn't depressed at all although I didn't know what the future held I was excited about having access to a pool! I was pumped up about getting to eat fancy food for the first time in over a decade but more than that I was pumped up about having a swimming pool a few feet from my bedroom door at the hotel and I was excited to see "What God was gonna do" because I had uncompromisingly served HIM from 2000-to that very day they threw me out of my 3 bedroom ghetto apartment that Sept. 2005.

Only to have an Egyptian doctor ask me "why do you think you lost your kids or your home" and then I tell him the story of the children of Israel to him as I said if it could happen to Israel then it could happen to me too as I mentioned the story from Ezekiel 36:12 "I will cause people, my people Israel, to live on you. They will possess you, and you will be their inheritance; you will never again deprive them of their children." only to have a non Christian Egyptian doctor (Drug Rehab for suicide Patients in 6454 Green Acres BlvdNew Port Richey, FL 34655. (727) 376-1463 ..... (888) 502-8904. Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Located In FL) to say "your just a little bit off of reality" and then start throwing pills at you not knowing your other doctors (Dr. Nucci) had taken you off of similar pills (an anti depressant to help me sleep) due to edema level 2 "Congestive Heart Failure" four years earlier.

The pills that Egyptian doctor gave me sent my body into a horrible body cramp.  My entire body went into Rigamortis and I almost died only minutes after they drove me back to my car.   Don't ask a Christian Evangelist anything if you don't expect on getting a biblical reply!!!

I told Dr. Amy Mahoney about it in May of 2013 after I took some classes and learned that alot of misdiagnosis happens that way.  Some diseases are easy to be misdiagnosed.  PTSD is not one of them.  I am recovering from PTSD.

BTW (by the way) I've had my blood checked and screened every year since 2000 sometimes several times a year when I was admitted into the hospital in 2001.  Never once did it come back positive for drugs or alcohol.  That is the reason I have "Any Cause" Life insurance policy from Fidelity Life Insurance since July 2012!  Recently, my new doctor did a blood screen on me too because I'm a new patient.  I was Vit. D. Deficient, Vit. B deficient and Iron deficient.  But once more... I'm clean as a whistle because I don't use drugs or alcohol.  I don't even smoke cigarettes!

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