Friday, January 16, 2015

PTSD and Addiction

I used to be an addict! Oh yea, I lived only to see if I could get so high that I would forget the pain of the reality I was stuck in. That is one of the main symptoms of PTSD too. Most people who suffer from PTSD are either drug addicts or alcoholics or worse... they could be both as I was at one time. I could become an addict again if I wanted to throw my life away, not write anymore books, not volunteer anymore to get pro life candidates elected or for Film Festivals. I could quit teaching others how to become affiliate marketers, book authors and I could quit helping the poor, giving the elderly rides. It wouldn't take nothing for me to become selfish again and become a drug or alcohol addict again. But I don't live for the haters. I live for myself and for God!

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